1. You Could Save Lots of Money!

    Financial help is available when you purchase healthcare coverage in the insurance marketplaces. For example, families who have incomes between 100% - 400% of the federal poverty level ($24,000 - $94,000 for a family of four) are eligible for financial assistance to pay for health coverage. This financial assistance is paid directly to the insurance company so that families experience instant savings. In fact, 6.4 million low to moderate income people nationwide will likely pay $100 or less a month for coverage thanks to this financial assistance. Further, if you cannot afford to buy health insurance, even after receiving financial assistance, you can apply for a hardship exemption.

  2. Hello, Better Coverage & Great Choices

    Each state's health insurance marketplace provides an easy-to-use online platform where you can shop for insurance plans and compare options across different coverage levels and plans all at once. Additionally, consumers can get help by phone (in 150 languages) by calling 800-318-2596 to help them understand their options and eligibility. Everyone also benefits from the new consumer protections that make sure all plans have the following: every plan is required to cover critical coverage such as preventative care and prescriptions, and every plan is required to limit a family's out of pocket healthcare costs to $12,700/yr.

  3. Rest Easy & Dream Big!

    People who are uninsured, self-employed, or don't get health coverage through their employer can shop in their state's marketplace. Having the option of getting healthcare coverage outside of one's job provides peace of mind when someone loses a job, changes a job, or decides to pursue their dreams of running their own business.

  4. Denied No More

    Anyone, even if you have poor health or a pre-existing condition, can buy coverage at no additional cost. The days of charging women more than men for the same coverage are also over. This means that people who have been denied coverage by private insurance companies or offered coverage only at unaffordable rates will now be able to shop in the state marketplaces without paying more based on their medical history.

  5. Giving Kids & Young Adults the Right Start

    Parents can buy coverage for their uninsured children if they are not eligible for coverage through an employer plan or other programs (e.g. Medicaid, CHIP) at affordable rates. They can also keep their young adult children on their employer plans until age 26. Low-income adults (up to 136% of the Federal Poverty Level) in states who chose to expand Medicaid are eligible for coverage under this program. Those providing consumer assistance through www.healthcare.gov or 800-318-2596 will help you identify what programs you are eligible for, automatically saving you the time and hassle of doing research or multiple applications.